The Austrian designer Philipp Aduatz independently conceptualises exclusive and experimental uniques, coalescing art and design into pieces of furniture. Innovative materials and production techniques emboss his designs. His ideas come to life by combining traditional and novel technologies, aiming at the development of a discrete sense of style.

The concept of the ‘Aquawave’ bathroom furniture series is based on the visualisation of the natural phenomenon of waves. A bathroom is all about water, and the designer succeeds to clearly reflect the wave formation in water in his design.

The wavy surface was animated by use of CAD software, which is also used for animating blockbusters. The accumulated data was processed by CNC editing to produce the forms. A truly new technique is used for producing the furniture. The special procedure enables the manufacturing in one piece, omitting seams and edges. The surfaces therefore resemble the nature of water and harmonically flow into one another.