Klomfar is an Austrian retailer and wholesaler based in the heart of Vienna. Founded back in 1960 and rich in tradition today, it is steadily evolving since the entrance of Martin Klomfar into the company.

The new furniture series ‘Aquawave’ highlights Martin Klomfar’s path of designing exclusive furniture to complement the company’s long-standing expertise in merchandise.

„Searching for a new piece of bathroom furniture, I came across numerous articles, of which none distinguished itself design-wise,“ says the company’s CEO Martin Klomfar, hence initiating the company’s new business segment. „This monotony evoked my wish to develop something completely novel.“ Starting with the new and unique ‘Aquawave’ series, Klomfar sets the stage as Austria’s first producer of luxury bathroom furniture. The degree of detail exemplifies the sense of style, that the furniture’s variants radiate with their fluent surfaces and wave-resembling design.